oKoKoK. The title suggests exhaustion, of a community and the battle against a colonial project that exists although in a relatively fragile ruin,  with a power that is ever raging. I thought about theory of ruin value, hijacked by Albert Speer who conceptualized that his fascist buildings should be as beautiful in their decay as the day of erection. My ruins hold a beauty too, which is disturbing to me but important. I have urges to smash them, kick in the holes or topple them over. The origin of this work was a material desire for the plaster to fall, catching the mix in motion, to freeze it's cascading form. Once the works were turned on their base the vertiginous metaphor seemed to have met its reality. Their obvious image of the hood emerged, at the same time spectre and mask. 

ok ok ok - 1.jpg
ok ok ok - 2.jpg