Expensive Shit / Primordial Soup


Expensive Shit, was exhibited at 315 Gallery in New York, the exhibition features a number of new works including sculptures, drawing and a site-specific audio installation.

Primordial Soup forms the center of this collection of work. The artist, currently researching and exploring specific themes of diasporic movement and transformation, presents an immersive audio piece, threading connections between place of birth, place of work, and sites of heritage. Global movement and insecurity, reoccurs in familiar materials: cargo nettings in the distinct Pan African Red Gold Green and Black colours, repurposed from their militarized sport aesthetic and used here as drapery or auxiliary support.

Further fragmentation occurs in the reflexive Mylar works Expensive Shit and Gossip Folks. The viewer’s gaze is reflected back, shattered into shards. These works and the sound of Primordial Soup take the listener into a similar position - approached by a haze of impression and moving focus. The use of a purpose built sound system is heightened here by the extreme use of stereo separation, much in keeping with the Sound System tradition of specialist equipment used for non-traditional emphasis of frequency. Primordial Soup contains original vocal contributions from singer Amanda Khiri and conversations with the elder women in the artists family, both in London and Jamaica.

The artist explains a recurring theme of ‘diasporic fantasy’: "I use the term diasporic fantasy to describe a highly emotional and shifting position that is located in the inbetween place. As a conceptual location it allows a sense of wholeness that accepts its position as encompassing constant movement and change. Reality can be full of rejection, frustration and pain. The fantasy space is somewhere that includes all of those elements too, but it is yours. It lurks somewhere between the bricks and sky I have known - and the other that I have longed for - like some sort of sad twisted romance. In these works I have sought to establish sensations of home between the place I now live in New York, London as my birthplace and Kingston, Jamaica - specifically 11 Mile Bull Bay where my family’s yard still stands."

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Excerpt documentation of the audio installation, Primordial Soup.

My Brothers Keeper

My Brothers Keeper

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Cradle. Birch plywood, nylon safari straps, Ohm speaker, 70 x 36 inches.jpg